On 22 February 2021 the Hungarian Parliament adopted amendments (titled “Proposal for an Amendment to eliminate breach of Fundamental Law”, hereinafter “Amendment”) to Act T/13958 Amending Certain Acts Related to Energy and Waste Management. President of the Republic dr. János Áder signed those amendments to the Waste Act, therefore Act II of 2021 Amending Certain Acts Related to Energy and Waste Management was published in the Hungarian official gazette Magyar Közlöny (issue 30 of 2021).

We learnt about Bill T/13958 ‘to amend certain Acts related to energy and waste management’ from the Hungarian Parliament’s website on 25 November 2020. The Bill proposes, among other measures, to nationalize and then grant a concession for waste management public service activity; moreover, also in the private sector of waste management it would enact extensive nationalization and grant a concession to a single concessionaire, thereby creating artificial monopoly.

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