EuRIC Statement - Impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) for the waste management & recycling industry

EuRIC, the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation, calls on the European Union and competent authorities from Member States and from the UK, Norway and Switzerland to acknowledge:

EuRIC Call for Recycled Plastic Content in Cars

By turning waste into valuable resources and hence saving massive amounts of GHG and energy, plastics recycling is at the core of the circular economy.

EuRIC Position on the Revision of the Waste Shipment Regulation

One of the founding assumptions of the circular economy is that wastes are resources. Circular material flows require waste and secondary raw materials to circulate at the pace of businesses to be recycled and used to manufacture new semi-finished and finished products.

EuRIC unveils Sound Management of Waste & Chemicals Requirements Brochure

Sound management of hazardous substances in waste management and recycling activities is at the core of the circular economy.

LEAK: EU’s new circular economy plan aims to halve waste by 2030

The European Commission will aim to “absolutely decouple” economic growth from natural resource use in the draft circular economy action plan due to be unveiled in March. 

EuRIC unveils Metal Recycling Brochure

EuRIC is pleased to publish a factsheet on Metal Recycling highlighting the importance of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling and their substantial benefits for the environment and the economy in Europe.

Roadmap of new Circular Economy Action Plan still open for feedback

The European Commission has published the Roadmap of the new Circular Economy Action Plan and is awaiting feedback from stakeholders until 20 January 2020:

Photo credit: deVos on Visual Hunt /  CC BY-NC-SA