Recycling sector urges action from EU Member States as economic pressures mount under Waste Shipment proposals

Despite some notably positive adjustments to the European Commission’s Waste Shipment proposal, this far-reaching legislation continues to pose fundamental threats to European recyclers and Europe’s burgeoning circular economy. Regrettably, EU lawmakers continue to push forward legislation that will incentivise the extraction of primary raw materials by adding more regulatory burdens on recyclers.

New EU batteries regulation available

The Council of the EU published the text of the new EU batteries regulation on which the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional political agreement on 9 December last year.

European Parliament backs waste shipment restrictions undermining certainty for recyclers

Europe’s recycling industries expressed dismay at the European Parliament’s adoption of current waste shipment proposals citing major inconsistencies undermining the trade of recycled materials. While the establishment of mandatory recycled content targets for plastics should be applauded, the failure to consider targets for metals and paper is a significant omission that will erode demand and subsequently green investment in new and upscaled recycling facilities in Europe.

European Green Deal: Putting an end to wasteful packaging, boosting reuse and recycling

The European Commission has recently proposed new EU-wide rules on packaging, to tackle this constantly growing source of waste and of consumer frustration.

European recyclers urge tougher scrutiny of EPR Schemes

European recyclers are urging European and national policymakers to exercise greater scrutiny before establishing new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Schemes.

EU set to adopt mandatory recycled content targets in new packaging law

The European Commission wants to reduce the environmental impact of packaging by mandating that producers use a minimum amount of recycled plastic in new packaging placed on the market.

European Commission call for evidence on a European Critical Raw Materials Act

The EC launched a call for evidence on a European Critical Raw Materials Act. According to the Commission, to achieve the green and digital transitions, the EU must significantly increase and diversify its critical raw materials supply, strengthen circularity and support research and innovation.

European recyclers demand recycled content targets as EU Commission seeks to keep recycling exports in Europe

European recyclers are urging EU decisionmakers to introduce mandatory targets for recycled materials in new products as proposed EU waste shipment rules seek to excessively limit exports of almost 27 million tons of recycled materials outside Europe.